Platinum Protection

LLumar®’s Platinum Paint Protection Film is the ultimate defense against damage. It’s a highly advanced, virtually invisible layer that improves the performance of your automotive paint, making it less vulnerable to rocks, road debris, winter salt and sand. Whether you’re a perfectionist or just love what you drive, this best-in-class protection is good for your car and your confidence.

  • Ten-year warranty

  • Self-healing surface

  • HydroGard technology

Whether you want to do just your door edges, or your entire car, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got it on our vehicles, so you can rest assured: it’s worth every penny. Rock chips and scratches area thing of the past with LLumar’s paint protection.

LLumar vs the Competition

Undoubtedly, the most recognizable name in the paint protection market is XPEL. That being said, LLumar’s paint protection film has a greater clarity and a higher-gloss finish than any other film on the market. What about 3M? In our experience with 3M film, it tends to get hazy and gummy over time, making the vehicle look bad. LLumar paint protection film will stay clear, glossy, and not degrade over time.

What can we cover?

If it’s painted, we can put paint protection on it. We’ve done everything from RVs to Harley Davidsons. Check out the visualizer below to see some of the most popular coverage areas on a standard car, and then come by the shop to see for yourself the LLumar difference!