Benefits of Window Tint


Better Appearance

Ever notice that in car commercials their windows are tinted? Even manufacturers know that nobody likes clear glass, so they tint the windows to make the cars look cooler. Unfortunately, due to some state laws, they can't tint everything at the factory. Luckily for you, we can. Using LLumar's leading window films, we can get your car looking cool.  


Heat and UV Rejection

Living in West Texas, we all know how brutal our summers are. Especially when we have to get into our cars on a 100+ degree summer afternoon and the seat belt touches our skin. Whether you decided to go with a light shade or a dark shade, LLumar window film knocks out 99% of the harmful UV rays and up to 60% of the solar heat. This means no more sunburns while driving, and less strain on your car's A/C.


Increased Privacy

Do you feel like you're in a fishbowl every time you drive? Or are you looking to help secure your vehicle against peeping eyes? Window film is the solution to your problem.  Having your windows tinted helps alleviate the fishbowl feeling while driving, making it difficult for other traffic to see inside your vehicle.  At the same time, tinted windows can help reduce vehicle burglary; if a thief can't see anything, they are less likely to break in. 


Types Of Window Film



The absolute highest quality film available is ceramic. Ceramic window film provides maximum heat protection without blocking electronic signal transmission. Often on high-end luxury cars such as BMW and Mercedes, they have radio antennas imbedded into the glass, LLumar's CTX ceramic film will not interfere with those signals or and other cellular signals.  LLumar's CTX window film has a lifetime warrantee that guarantees your film won't crack, fade, peel, or turn purple like the cheap competitors films. For those who want the best of the best, LLumar's CTX ceramic film is the solution. 



Our go-to film is LLumar's ATR metallized film. It provides 99% UV rejection and up to 61% solar energy rejection. We strive to provide the best quality tint jobs around and the ATR series film ensures your car will look cool and be cool on our hot West Texas summer afternoons. As with all LLumar window films, the ATR metallized series has a full lifetime warrantee to ensure your car stays looking fantastic.



Dyed films are the cheapest film type, often what dealerships and lower end shops install in order to provide the lowest cost. Even though they block 99% of the UV rays, dyed films do not cut out as much heat as the metallized and ceramic films. The LLumar ATC dyed series of films has the same lifetime warrantee as the rest of the LLumar brand.

  • The full LLumar film line performance specifications are available here.



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