Types of Commercial and Residential Film


Solar Control

LLumar's solar control films not only cut out up to 84% of the total solar energy, they can also reduce glare by up to 93%. This translates into a massive energy savings when it comes to cooling bills during our blistering West Texas summers. As with all LLumar window film, 99% of the harmful UV rays are blocked, not only protecting your furniture, flooring, and other belongings, but also protecting you and your family. We carry a wide variety of films ranging from a mirror appearance, to a bronze, to a nice, subtle neutral grey.  

  • A full spec sheet of LLumar's solar control films is available here.  


LLumar's decorative films can completely alter the appearance of any glass. Be it the frost film to block visibility while still letting some light in, a patterned film to create a sophisticated look, or even a blackout film to hide an unsightly false wall. We offer LLumar's full line of decorative film and can tackle any requests.


Safety and Security

Broken glass not only creates a hassle of needing to clean it up, it also poses a risk to nearby people and pets.  LLumar's safety and security film not only increases the shatter resistance of the glass, but it also is puncture resistant.  The real benefit of this film is the fact that it helps deter thefts and burglaries.  LLumar's safety and security film provides the same level of security as bars on the windows and doors, without blocking any visibility.

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